4 Freedoms Through Entrepreneurship

There are many reasons people choose to become entrepreneurs. One of the benefits that some of the leaders working with Dougherty Marketing enjoy is freedom. Freedom as an entrepreneur comes in many forms. Here are four freedoms that motivate everyday people to become strong leaders and successful entrepreneurs.

"I believe that drudgery and clock-watching are a terrible betrayal of that universal, inborn entrepreneurial spirit.” - Richard Branson

Freedom in Work

As an entrepreneur you have the freedom to choose the work you do to to earn a living. What you do only a daily basis doesn’t have to be a list of monotonous tasks, it can be fulfilling and enjoyable. With this freedom comes responsibility of course. When you call the shots you also have tasks that you may not be good at or like but, the fulfillment of doing the work that you love will far out weigh those few tasks.

Lifestyle Freedom

Many people build their life around their job, including where they live, what they drive, when and where they vacation. As an entrepreneur these choices are completely open and dependent on the type of business you have.

Schedule Freedom

You don’t have to get up and wage ware against rush hour traffic but maybe nights and weekends are no longer reserved for movies and the park. The point is you decide. For some people being a night owl makes a typical 9-5 extremely unpleasant. As a business owner you make your own schedule.

Financial Freedom

Why leave your income in the hands of another person?  Good entrepreneurs are self-motivated. They possess the drive to decide what their income should be and make it happen at all cost.