Dougherty Marketing: Why You Need a Business Mentor

Embarking on the journey of entrepreneurship without a mentor is like going on a desert excursion without a professional guide. Your guide knows exactly what prickly cacti or stones to avoid on the road to building your business. And if you become exhausted, he or she will provide you with the water and shade -- or, the timely encouragement and tools -- you need to refuel and get back to bringing in the Benjamins. The problem is that many young entrepreneurs do not have the business coaches they need to succeed. Here are a couple major benefits of enlisting the help of a business coach, according to Dougherty Marketing.


Experience is expensive, but it’s also one of the most critical tools you can have in your arsenal as a business professional. This is especially true if you are attempting to break into a new industry or have little experience with running a business altogether. Not everything you need to know about business can be acquired from a book. With a real-life mentor who has been where you’ve been, you can easily ask questions about your venture’s particular situation -- whether you’re dealing with a hiring problem or a sales challenge -- and take advantage of expert guidance tailored to it.


If you’re in business but aren’t networking, you’re not growing. In fact, you’re dying. It takes a village to raise your business from the ground up and to keep it thriving. Fortunately, a business coach can point you to the right people in his or her own network to take your business to the next level. These other experts are resources you simply cannot access without the help of a business mentor. With a qualified coach, in no time, you can have the full-time, trailblazing business you have always dreamed of having.